Differences between Darwinex and Zero
  • 16 May 2024
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Differences between Darwinex and Zero

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What is Zero?

Zero takes the best of our 10+ years of experience in developing a trading ecosystem for traders who aim to manage third-party capital, removing bureaucratic hurdles and avoiding the risk of trading with your own capital.

Onboarding process

No KYC documentation needed, just complete the registration process, introduce the payment method to complete the subscription, and start trading.

Funds management

There is a monthly subscription linked to a credit card or Paypal account instead of depositing funds, so there is no management of funds and no depositary bank account. You can cancel the subscription whenever you want.

Zero platform

Simplified platform. The DARWIN is created automatically and only main charts and graphics are displayed.

Trade from anywhere around the world

You can subscribe to Zero from any country without restrictions.

Allocation programs

You can participate in our allocation programs DarwinIA SILVER and GOLD both from Darwinex and Zero indistincly.

Managing fund from investors

Only DARWINs participating in DarwinIA GOLD will be able to manage funds from investors at Darwinex.

Trading conditions

The leverage available is similar between both services.

Nevertheless, we encourage you not to focus on leverage for two reasons:

  1. The standard CFD account comes with $100k ($1M in the case of futures or cash instruments accounts) in virtual equity, more than sufficient to demonstrate your ability to generate a stable and positive return.
  2. It is the performance of your DARWIN and not your underlying signals account that determines seed capital allocation.

Assets available

Currently, same list of CFDs are available (CFDs on Fx, commodities, indices, US stocks & ETFs).

In Zero you can trade with futures and cash instruments as well with MT5.

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