• 12 Mar 2024
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Once the DARWIN has been created and is participating in DarwinIA SILVER, the next step would be to get access to DarwinIA GOLD - the second level of our seed allocation program - where you will be eligible not only for higher allocations from Darwinex Zero, but also for capital from Darwinex investors.

Participation requirements

To participate in DarwinIA GOLD, only DARWINs who have a signal history in excess of 8 months and meet any of the following conditions will participate:

Return & Drawdown conditions
  • 1-year return > 20% and Return/Drawdown > 2.5*
  • 2-year return > 25% and Return/Drawdown > 2.5
  • 3-year return > 30% and Return/Drawdown >2.5
  • 4-year return > 35% and Return/Drawdown >2.5
  • 5-year return > 40% and Return/Drawdown > 2.5

*Or since inception if DARWIN lifetime is shorter than 1 year.

Similar to DarwinIA SILVER requirements, correlation with other DARWINs should be <0.95. If the correlation between two or more DARWINs is >0.95, the DARWIN with a higher cumulative return during the previous 5 months+current month will participate while the other DARWIN(s) would be excluded (correlation between DARWINs at SILVER and DARWINs at GOLD will not be taken into account).


If your DARWIN is excluded in a given month due to high correlation and has a rating above 75, it will be introduced a credit equivalent to the next monthly subscription (38€).

Thus, each monthly payment guarantees participation in an edition of DarwinIA, if your DARWIN does not participate, you will not be charged. This credit would be used to not pay for the next edition in which your DARWIN does participate*.

*Note that if you restart your account, this credit would be used to reduce the cost of the restart.

If your DARWIN has investor's capital under management, the maximum admitted negative divergence is -0.4. In other words, divergence must be >-0.4.


Top DARWINs in the ranking at the end of the month will receive an allocation (the number will depend on the total DARWINs participating). The minimum allocation is 50,000€ and the maximum is 500,000€, and it will be based on the ranking position at the end of the month. You may check the ranking here.

The number of DARWINs receiving an allocation and the amounts may change from one month to the next one, as it depends on the number of participants.

Ranking will only depend on the current month's return. Hence, the ranking will be ordered from DARWIN's with the highest monthly return, to DARWINs with the lowest.

6 month allocation period

The allocations will remain invested in the DARWIN for 6 months, unlike DarwinIA SILVER, where the allocation duration is 3 months.

Can a DARWIN be excluded from GOLD?

If a DARWIN no longer meets GOLD criteria described above, it will automatically revert to participating in DarwinIA SILVER the following month. Once required criteria are met again, the DARWIN would once again participate in DarwinIA GOLD the following month.

Manage capital from investors

By entering in DarwinIA GOLD, you complete the road to manage funds: Once a DARWIN qualifies for DarwinIA GOLD, it will be open to investors and published on the Darwinex-Classic investor platform. From this moment on, you will not only receive 15% performance fees for the return received with the DarwinIA allocations, Darwinex will manage investors' capital and pay you 15% performance fee on the returns generated on this capital.

Once open, the DARWIN will remain open to investors even in the event of losing access to DarwinIA GOLD.

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