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As soon as the training phase has been completed and the DARWIN has been created, it will automatically participate in DarwinIA SILVER.

Participation requirements

To participate in DarwinIA SILVER you have to fulfil 3 conditions:

  1. Have completed the calibration stage.
  2. For the 1st month's participation, the initial payment is valid, but for any subsequent participation, it will be required to have an active subscription.
  3. Correlation with DARWINs from other users should be <0.95 and <0.5 from DARWINs from the same user. If the correlation between two or more DARWINs is >0.95 or >0.5, respectively, the DARWIN with a higher cumulative return during the previous 5 months and current month will participate while the other DARWIN(s) will be excluded*.

*Correlation between DARWINs from SILVER and GOLD are not taken into account.


If your DARWIN is excluded in a given month due to high correlation and has a rating above 75, it will be introduced a credit equivalent to the next monthly subscription.

Thus, each monthly payment guarantees participation in an edition of DarwinIA, if your DARWIN does not participate, you will not be charged. This credit would be used to not pay for the next edition in which your DARWIN does participate*.

*Note that if you restart your account, this credit would be used to reduce the cost of the restart.


The final standing in DarwinIA SILVER is based on a proprietary rating algorithm, which is calculated based on 3 variables:

  • Current calendar month return.
  • Cumulative 5 Month calendar return prior to current calendar month.
  • Maximum drawdown across the current month and preceding 5 calendar months.

The minimum rating necessary to receive allocation is 75, so by obtaining a rating of 75 or higher at the end of the month your allocation is guaranteed.

You can check how well you're doing compared to other DARWINs in DarwinIA SILVER in the "Rating" tab:



The allocation received depends on the rating obtained and position in the ranking at the end of the month, as follows:

  • The rating. There will be a minimum rating of 75 necessary to receive allocation. All DARWINs obtaining this minimum rating at the end of the month, will be assigned a minimum allocation of 30,000€.
  • The final position in the ranking. For the top DARWINs in the ranking, there will be an increasing allocation, with a maximum allocation of 375,000€. You can check the actual allocation per position at DarwinIA SILVER rules.

DARWINS from both Darwinex and Darwinex Zero participate in DarwinIA SILVER, so there will be DARWINs with a 3-letters ticker (Darwinex) and 4-letters (Zero). The ranking is updated every hour and the final ranking every month is determined at the market close on the last trading day of each calendar month.

Every allocation remains invested in the DARWIN for 3 months. It is therefore possible to have 3 simultaneous assignments in DarwinIA SILVER, if your DARWIN meets the minimum rating for receiving allocation during 3 consecutive months.

You can check historic allocations in the corresponding tab:


Performance fees

We will pay you a 15% perfomance fee on the return achieved on each capital allocation taking into account a high-water mark criteria . The calculation for the payment of commissions is made on a quarterly basis, i.e. every 3 months since the first allocation date.

You can analyze the current P&L and HWM levels at Payments/allocations.

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Please, feel free to watch more information in the following video:

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