Subscription payments
  • 30 Jan 2024
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Subscription payments

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Once you've made the initial payment and have full access to your Darwinex Zero account, you can find all the information about your payments and subscriptions here.

In the Subscription section you can find different information:

  • Status of the subscription
  • Next payment date
  • Allocation program
  • Credit card or Paypal account registered information

At the same time, you can modify your card details and manage your current subscription.

Restart subscription

If you want to start over, the cost of restarting your subscription is €65, as such it is always cheaper to reset the account rather than creating a new Darwinex Zero account.

Important information about account resets

Restarting the subscription implies closing your current track-record (and associated DARWIN) and starting a new trading account from scratch. Note that if you reset your account you'll once again have to complete the calibration stage again. Please note that this action cannot be reversed.

For account resets as per your initial subscription, your first participation in DarwinIA SILVER will be included.

Cancel subscription

You can cancel the subscription at any time. Should you choose to do so, you will retain access to your signal account and the Darwinex Zero platform through the end of the current billing period. At the end of the billing period, your MetaTrader signal account will be closed however you will retain access to the Darwinex Zero platform and will be able to view your DARWIN history and information in relation to capital allocation received and performance fees earned.

Note that it is not possible to reactivate a cancelled account, so cancelling your subscription in effect means losing your accumulated track record.

Reactivation of a cancelled subscription

Should you change your mind after cancelling your subscription you can avoid losing your track-record by reactivating the subscription before the end of the month in which you have cancelled the subscription. After the end of the month, the track-record will be deleted.

Once your subscription has been cancelled and not reactivated within the same month, you will only be able to restart your subscription.

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