How much does it cost?
  • 23 Feb 2024
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How much does it cost?

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Zero avoids putting your capital at risk, as it does not require you to deposit your own funds in order to trade. Instead, there is an initial payment of 95€ and a monthly subscription that will be charged on the card or Paypal account used for the subscription.

The monthly subscription costs 38€ for trading with CFDs or 43€ for trading with futures.

Payments are collected on the 25th day of each calendar month for subscribed clients.

What does the sign-up fee include?

The initial payment includes the calibration stage before the DARWIN creation and the first participation in DarwinIA SILVER, this is, one month of participation once the DARWIN is created. Once your trading account acquires the relevant experience, the DARWIN will be automatically created for the next monday. At this point it will automatically participate for the first time in DarwinIA SILVER.

First month at DarwinIA SILVER

If there are not at least 5 days left in the month, the creation of the DARWIN will be postponed to the following weekend to ensure there is sufficient time for the DARWIN to qualify for the necessary rating to get allocations.

If the DARWIN is created within the same month of the initial payment and before the 25th, then participating in this month's DarwinIA SILVER edition, the payment for the second edition would be in this same first month.

How can I pay the monthly subscription?

You can pay your monthly subscription either by credit card, Paypal account or, in the event of having already received performance fees from prior capital allocations, you can pay the cost of subscription from accumulated performance fees that have not yet been withdrawn.

Can I have multiple subscriptions?

You are free to have different Zero accounts, but only 1 subscription per account is possible.

It is possible, however, to reset your account and start over. The cost of resetting your account is 65€. As such it is always cheaper to reset the account rather than create a new Zero account.

If you choose to reset your account, your first participation in DarwinIA SILVER will be included, just the same as if you opened a new account.

Can I cancel the subscription?

You can cancel at any time, you'd retain access and full functionality through the end of the current billing period.

Please note that subscriptions are paid in advance on the 25th of each month, so in order to cancel the following month’s subscription it will needed to be done before the 25th of the month.

Cancelled subscriptions cannot be retaken linked to the same trading account. It would be needed to reset the subscription and have a new trading account, which involves the 65€ cost of reset.

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