Capital Allocation

Attract investment as you grow

Professional trading requires capital and raising external capital requires performance. But most importantly, it is a certified track record with consistent performance that counts.

Darwinex has designed a path to asset management that applies zero restrictions to your trading and backs you with capital as you grow, all while you build a solid track record for investors to trust.

“The path to sustained success is to think long-term.”

“The path to sustained success is to think long-term.”

A better track record, more investment options






Are you ready to trade the markets and attract investment?

Third stage


Your index opens to real investors on reaching DarwinIA GOLD. Winning investors’ trust means leveraging capital beyond the seed capital allocation programme and therefore, limitlessly.

The best traders in the Darwinex ecosystem have already attracted millions and get hundreds of thousands of euros in performance fees.

  • Investors

    Buy your DARWIN to replicate its underlying strategy.


    Track your underlying trades without disclosing them.

  • Performance fees

    Darwinex pays you 15% of the profit you generate

Final stage


The Hedge Fund as a Service (HFaaS), provides all necessary resources for you to approach your own investors, with your brand and your fees without the competition of other DARWIN indices.

Focus on strategy development and capital raising and Darwinex Pro takes care of the rest: from execution and back office to professional marketing materials to dazzle your investors.


15% Performance Fee

Darwinex app

Darwinex pays you like investors pay a Hedge Fund manager (global benchmark is 15-20% performance fee and 1.2% management fee). You trade and your strategy attracts investors from whom Darwinex collects 20% PF and 1.2% MF. Then, it pays traders 15% performance net, as a share of profits generated on investors and/or on seed allocations.

On top of attracting investors, Darwinex carries with all the rest: operations, technology, compliance, back-office, support, etc.

How to make a withdrawal

  • You can withdraw your performance fees generated from your Darwinex Zero wallet via wire transfer.
  • We use the High Water Mark (HWM) principle which ensures you only receive fees for the profits you have actually generated and that this does not overlap with profits from previous time periods.