Why D-Zero

Embrace trading as a career

“When I caught the trading bug 25 years ago, I was confident I could beat the markets but also knew that it would require lots of dedication. However, I underestimated the amount of money I would lose as a result of approaching the markets with an incorrect mentality.

When you focus on obtaining quick gains (through high leverage and other toxic industry incentives), you inevitably assume more risk than you can comfortably bear, conditioning you in such a way that you will almost certainly lose all your initial capital. However, when you face the market with the intention of beating it consistently and without concerns in relation to your limited capital, your trading will come on in leaps and bounds.

Darwinex Zero is the solution for traders with long-term ambition and no capital. It is a meritocratic ecosystem that rewards you as you grow, through your ability to generate consistent returns. We offer a professional environment in which to build a trustworthy track record without the pressure to generate quick returns.

Convert your passion into a scalable source of income. Let's show the world what independent traders are capable of."

Javier Colón

Javier Colón

Trader, Head of Product and Darwinex Co-founder

Capital introduction that backs you in the long-run

Darwinex Zero (D-Zero) lists your strategy as a DARWIN index when trading your virtual account. In this way we scale all traders positions to a common and stable risk benchmark. The common risk denominator enables side by side comparisons not only of returns between traders but also with common external benchmarks too (ie. stock indices).

Darwinex model is designed to be scalable from inception. Generate consistent returns and you'll be backed with seed capital via DarwinIA seed capital allocation programme. If you maintain good results, you will gain access to investor capital under Darwinex capital introduction scheme, all with zero risk.