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We look for traders willing to reach their full potential and become new success stories.

“The more successful your community members, the more success for you and for the investors.”

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Your commission scheme

For each subscriber introduced, you get:

  • €15 per sign up
  • €5 a month per active client
  • €5 per reset

How it works

  • By registering with us you enter the partners portal from which you can monitor your referees, your accrued commissions and more!
  • From time to time, we´ll also add exclusive promotions and discounts which you can share with your community and track with full transparency via our partner portal. We’ll provide the promotional assets to help you distribute with a click.
  • Your business will get visibility in the D-Zero ecosystem if your referrals are successful, helping you attract potential new users for your community.

We want to hear from you if you share our vision and can help us attract talent from:

  • Trading academies
  • Trader Communities (blogs, forums…)
  • Youtube, Discord, Twitch
  • Telegram or any other social network
  • Any other channel where trading talent might exist!