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Answers to some of the most common questions about our services.

D-Zero ecosystem

What is Darwinex Zero (D-Zero)?
How does Darwinex Zero work?
Is Darwinex Zero a trustworthy company?
Who can subscribe to the service?
What's the difference between Darwinex Zero and funding programmes?
Does Darwinex Zero have a partners programme?
How can I contact you?
What’s the difference between Darwinex Zero and Darwinex classic offering?

Darwinex Zero Accounts

How do I start?
What’s your pricing plan?
Darwinex Zero offers virtual accounts. Are there any differences between a virtual account and a demo account?
What’s the calibration phase and how do I complete it?
The calibration phase has ended, what's next?
How can I pay my monthly subscription?
When do you charge my card?
What assets can I trade?
What platforms do you offer?
What leverage can I get?
What’s my initial account equity?
How do performance fees work?
How do I withdraw my performance fees?
When can I cancel my subscription?
Can I create multiple accounts?
Can I restart my canceled subscription?

DARWIN index Creation

Why do I need a DARWIN index?
When can I create my DARWIN index?
How do you protect my intellectual property?
What’s the VaR?
How does the risk engine work?
What's the High Water Mark?

Capital Allocation

What’s DarwinIA?
Seed Capital Allocations
Can I participate in both levels of DarwinIA simultaneously?
When can I receive my first allocation?
How much capital can I attract?
How long are the funds allocated?
What's the participation criteria for DarwinIA SILVER and GOLD?
What’s the allocation criteria in DarwinIA SILVER and GOLD?
How do you calculate the rating?
How many traders get seed capital every month?
Is there any exclusion policy?
How do I access investor capital?
Why do I earn 15% performance fees?
What’s Darwinex PRO?